Missed Saigon
Mon, February 6, 2012 at 11:19 AM
The Untethered Folks

We nearly left without saying what the hell happened in Ho Chi Minh City, the name given as the result of reunification in 1976. A couple observations: This city is so much quieter than Hanoi, where the chronic beeping of horns really got old. The pace isn't any slower but the city hums along better somehow. Next up: Chips, as in potato chips or crisps. Why are western chips so boring? This evening I snacked on grilled lobster mornay chips. Where are these when I go home?

The little street our hotel is on does not allow cars and that makes it super nice for the dogs that live here. One of them (Shirl has reported on this already) is Bizarre, a chihuahua mix of something. Here she is giving Shirl a good lick. There's kind of a little village feel to this street with its pets and children mixing and interacting among the tourists and vendors.

Click for larger image.But the dogs adapt and have places to go and things to do, like this guy being taken somewhere important. Are cats are few and far between. You see them but they're hidden.

Finally, what's a sidewalk if not a place to play Chinese Chess or Xiangqi, which looks like Mah Jong with round pieces. This is the backgammon of Vietnam because you see it everywhere. There's a lot to see here and we only touched the surface.

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