A Fun Little Trip for three days to Zagreb, Croatia
Wed, July 25, 2012 at 9:53 AM
The Untethered Folks

We went from Rijeka by bus to Zagreb, where we checked into the "Zagreb Penthouse."  Here are the Bacic's, the owners, shown with Rowan and me.  they came over, at our request, with a microwave that also functions as a toaster!

shown here with us on the deck of the 20th story penthouse, seen here from directly below

Way up on top, there are red and pink geraniums.  See them?

And here is the killer view at night:

When we were in Zagreb, we visited another unique place, ranked highly on Trip Advisor, the Museum of Broken Relationships.  It was conceptualized in Croatia, but it has toured internationally.  In the words of the creators, this place offers people "a chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation:  by contributing to the Museum's collection."

Here are some really funny things the Museum sells:

And one of my favorites from the exhibition about a long-distance relationship with one person on the West Coast of the US and the other in Europe.  Oh my, how well I know that calculation and how difficult it is:  "I was always calculating nine hours ahead in my mind to figure out if he was sleeping . . . and then we broke up in virtual space and not in person . . . ."

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