Arrival in Tokyo
Fri, June 17, 2011 at 5:30 AM
The Untethered Folks

Tokyo is disorienting. The language, both spoken and written, are like being in a dream where everything makes sense until you wake and start to describe it, then everything is a jumble. Our host, Bruce, met us at the local train station after we made our way from the airport to the main train station (Shibuya). Even the short walk with him seem surreal as we passed countless balconies looking like laundry day was upon us.

Kitchen with stove/toaster!The apartment is small, which we expected, but it's also, "not tall," which we didn't expect. Between the kitchen area and sleeping area is a low wall Rowan kept hitting his head on. But soon our balcony was also showing off our finest laundry, helping us to fit. The stove has a little toaster in it and the fridge was a decent size so there's no issue with bringing food back home.

Balcony is not rare but a queen-sized bed is.The balcony confirmed one thing that makes Tokyo tolerable despite the heat, humidity, and population density: It's really quiet! No honking horns, loud fights, or even children, could be heard. The loudest residents were crows who would fly by cawing as if to keep everything in order. Even they were rather cute, along with so much of Japanese culture.

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