Shirl: Thoughts & Shots
Rowan: Paroxysms

Rowan and Shirl are off on a Big Trip and have set up this travel blog to share our adventures, from itinerary and maps to pictures and videos of interesting people we meet, animals we love, and scenery we travel through.

Rowan on a WalkRowan is a filmmaker, originally from the East Coast.

Out of college he traveled overland to India through many difficult areas (Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan) where he studied at various ashrams and then returned to get his master's in religion. Since then he's traveled extensively in the amazonian regions of Peru and Brazil (one time was for a workshop in Ayahausca) and another was with the South American Explorers Club, going into a very remote part of the amazon.

His goal this trip is to create some Imagery Meditations, talk to and record locals about their perspective on life, and just kick back while learning about other cultures, peoples, and cuisines.


Shirl on a Rock

 Shirl is a physician assistant and a recovering lawyer who worked as a faculty member in three medical schools and then was an associate and an equity partner in an international law firm, Foley & Lardner, in the LA and San Francisco offices.  She retired January 31, 2011.  She is discovering her inner artist through photography as a citizen of the world.