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Our Penultimate Departure from KL

Latest additions to Rowan's Panos: The KL Train StationClass, let us review the previous lesson before the new material: Our main updates that show shots with some pithy commentary are usually behind (chronologically) from where we are at the moment. Even though we are in Langkawi, Malaysia, this entry is a catch-up from our last stop. To know where we are at any given moment, look at the right side, see "Now in " followed by a location. That is where we are right now no matter what (usually the map it shows is precisely where we are). To get back to the "top" of our blog, just click anywhere in the top banner image and you are magically transported back to the start of untethered.

Want all the latest entries in one, easy-to-view display? Then (again, on the right side), just click on "Latest Additions" to view all the new stuff! Pop quiz: How can you easily and quickly get back to the top-most of our blog after you have viewed the latest additions? You'll also notice you can now translate our blog into any of about 50 languages using the Google Translate menu (in the right column). Last but not least, Shirl has a list of books she's read (she's the literate one, Rowan just looks at pictures). Books Finished is a table of books consumed.

OK, you've slogged through our self-conscious class review, so let's have recess with some outside shots! Yay! Here we go...

KL, as Kuala Lumpur is known to locals and backpackers alike, has been a relaxing stay, filled with the usual city stuff: good food (lots!), movies (none!), sightseeing (some!). And so it is, having left KL already that we present the two tourist things we actually got around to doing: The National Art Gallery and The Menara Tower.

Shirl has already has a photo from our gallery visit. After we were told we couldn't take photos, Rowan took the next three shots and the last one was taken by Shirl:
Exterior of the art gallery. For all the images, just click on it to view larger.Rowan especially liked this piece: Meta-Art or just Self-Referential or both?Rowan also liked the playing cards conceptual art.Hello Rowan
We then went up to have lunch atop the Menara Tower, basically a telecommunications citadel and tourist trap that does give a remarkable view of the city from its rotating wheel of queasiness.  The one shot that's actually worth seeing is of our place we stayed at called The Nest Guesthouse, a not-quite-a-hostel and not-quite-a-hotel guesthouse in a not-quite-a-ghetto and well-yes-a-ghetto neighborhood.

View from Menara Tower showing KL and our little place.

View from below of the Menara Tower.

And why "penultimate departure" as the title says? We're coming back to KL to depart for Europe from there in late March, 2012. Have we mentioned we're spending the summer in Europe? Maybe not. More later.

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