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The Town of Denman

There are many very pretty, cute towns dotting the Australian landscape. Denman, New South Wales, is one of them. Trains roar through, horses are a major industry, and there used to be a gas (petrol) pump on the street as you can see here:


We come into these towns with our caravan RV and have no idea where anything is. Even if there is gasoline (petrol) because of the massive shutdowns of the stations all over the country. But everyone is very friendly and interested in our journey. Speaking the native language helps significantly. The caravan park is in Rowan's Panos link and the story of our propane tank breakdown is in part 2 of On the Way to Yowah.

So I thought you might like a walk up the street just to have a glimpse of what this little town looks like. It appears narrow because Rowan made it on his iPad using a trekking application that uploads the video automatically, but it shows everything even in its narrow orientation.

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